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SEVEN funding is intended to catalyze, support and disseminate research on questions of economic development, prosperity and entrepreneurship. Funding is particularly targeted
toward new frontiers in enterprise-based solutions to poverty and innovative ideas that
are unlikely to be supported by conventional funding sources.

Our approach is nontraditional, posing a challenge to the classic pattern of funding
top-down projects with government-led conceptual frameworks. We support the uncertain
and often interdisciplinary methods required to develop and encourage truly
entrepreneurial approaches to wealth creation and poverty reduction.

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Traditional top-down thinking curtails the potential for poverty reduction by diminishing the excitement and meaning of entrepreneurship in the public consciousness. Partly as a result, many otherwise well-educated people maintain either a preglobalization worldview, or one informed by outdated concepts.

The SEVEN Fund encourages rigorous and innovative researchers to tackle questions head-on, unlocking the potential of enterprise-based solutions to poverty.

SEVEN Funding Has the Following Goals:

  • To expand the purview of scientific inquiry to include scientific disciplines fundamental to a deep understanding of entrepreneurship and economic development, but which are currently largely unsupported by conventional grant sources.
  • To forge and maintain useful collaborations between researchers and on-the-ground actors working on Enterprise Based Solutions to Poverty.
  • To provide the public with a deeper understanding in this area, and their potential implications for our worldview.

Conferences & Speaking Engagements

SEVEN supports and hosts several gatherings and conferences in the field of enterprise-based solutions to poverty:

  • SEVEN Fund Member Meetings
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  • RFP Focus Roundtable Discussions
    Access to invited participants only; first one was held in June 2007
  • Research Presentation Meetings
    SEVEN-funded researchers present their findings—open to the public

Entrepreneurs create products, services and jobs. They expand economies, improve people's lives, provide employment (high and rising wages) and bring about competition. A competitive environment, in turn, gives rise to efficiency, meritocracy and further innovations and entrepreneurial drive.

The potent combination of entrepreneurship and technological innovation can forge an environment that is conducive to further enterprise, involving even government policy in supporting entrepreneurship and innovation.

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SEVEN is a leader in the field of Enterprise Solutions to Poverty. We ask the question, “How do we support those who are self-determined, action-oriented, and effective?” We find and invest in the innovations of pioneering thought leaders and entrepreneurs inside the world’s poorest nations; we support contrarian research, films, books and competitions that spotlight new role models and diffuse their best ideas. More

Conferences & Speaking Engagements

SEVEN hosts and participates in several conferences and speaking engagements each year.

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